Web Strategy International grew out of Elmo Lombard’s passion for setting up South African exporters to compete in international markets.

Our story can be best traced to 2004 when Elmo, while traveling the world as SAP consultant, came across WSI Digital Marketing in Toronto, Canada. Leaving behind his top job in management, Elmo achieved signed up for WSI Internet Consultant Certification and a web design franchise in South Africa.

Over the next five years Elmo and his team of young and upcoming digital natives matured into a digital agency offering a complete package of services to local SME’s.

In 2009 we were ready to enter a next chapter and Web Strategy South Africa was born.

Partnering with Google and travelling to the USA to learn from the world’s top digital marketing institutions, led Elmo in his continued search for:

a complete that is measurable, cost effective and delivers a positive return on investment.

In 2014 Elmo’s research in the field of digital marketing led him to HubSpot, the American creators of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, and it was a perfect fit…

A few months down the line, Web Strategy officially partnered with HubSpot, and before the end of the year our team was certified in Inbound Marketing as well as HubSpot processes.

Over the years our clientele had started to shift from SME’s to forward thinking blue chip companies who understood that digital marketing is about more than just having a pretty website. Our service offering developed to a complete package:

Online marketing campaigns that attract the right kind of digital visitors, converts them into Qualified Leads, closes them into customers, and delights customers into becoming promoters of our brands.

As the Rand kept losing its strength against foreign currencies, several of our clients were starting to think in the lines of international expansion and exportation.

We did the math

South Africa: 110 p/m (relative ratio)

USA: 500 p/m (relative ratio)

It was a no-brainer!

Before we knew it we were launching locally manufactured hunting bullets to hillbillies and rednecks in North America and Europe, and introducing home grown industrial network technology to the international mining community.

We had unlocked the secrets to launching South African manufacturers abroad, and we were hooked on playing in the international marketing scene from our office in the bushveld of Africa…

In October of 2015 the Web Strategy team was reborn as Web Strategy International, and we switched all our attention to digital marketing for local companies who are expanding to English speaking markets abroad.

As a partner we are associated with digital agencies across the world, which puts us in the position to launch South African brands in the international markets that are most lucrative.

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