google analyticsYou cannot manage what you do not measure, that why we believe that is one of the major keys to an strategy’s success. Analytics, when set up correctly, provides invaluable data about your visitor’s interactions with your website. It not only tracks how consumers behave, but also what is driving them to the point where they say: “I want to buy what you sell.”

Analytics also provides you with information about how visitors are finding you, where they are based, age, demographics, interests and the primary device they are using to view your website. This and so much more.

Because Analytics provide us with so much raw data, it is easy to get lost in all the graphs and figures. The key to successfully using Analytics is to start by asking a question about your website or visitor and finding the relevant data to answer it.

Here’s a list of questions and answers you can ask when using Google Analytics:

Q: How many of my visitors are brand loyalists, who know that we provide relevant information? A: Use the new visitor versus returning visitor metric.
Q: Where are my customers located? A: The geographic metric will indicate where your customers are located.
Q: Where is the majority of my website traffic coming from? A: The traffic source metric will indicate if it is direct, search, referral, social or advertising.
Q: Which pages are drawing more visitors? A: Make use of the behaviour section and establish which pages should be optimized as landing pages
Q: How can I improve user experience to make my visitors stay longer? A: The device, operating system and browser tools will indicate which platforms a website needs to be optimized on.
Q: Which pages / what content is driving my visitors to buy from me? A: We make use of goal completions and conversion tracking to establish what content is generating new leads.These are just a few of the questions Analytics can answer. Because we stay up to date with the latest technology and trends, we continually analyze and improve your website to ensure that we can deliver an effective web strategy.