Once you understand the needs and goals of your Buyer Personas, as well as the keywords and phrases they use when they search for information online, it is time to create a Content Map! With content mapping your goal is to target your content to:

  • The characteristics of the person who will be consuming it (Buyer Personas)
  • How close that person is to making a purchase (their stage in the Buyers journey)
  • The specific terminology and phrases that people will using when searching for information and solutions (based on Keyword Research)

Content marketing strategy best practices

  • Quality vs. Quantity – Google places a high value on quality of content! And, as Google is the world’s biggest search engine, it is best to keep them happy In effect it is more important to generate relevant and valuable content (quality for the end user) than producing multiple pieces of content that fills up pages but doesn’t add value for tcustomers.
  • Schedule regular posts – We create an editorial calendar with fixed deadlines and stick to it. Social Media marketing also works according to a schedule that ensures consistent communicating with customers.
  • Plan, fine-tune, update – Our content marketing strategies are never set in stone, as we fine-tune and revise our strategy based on .
  • Be professional – We use a journalistic approach in content creation.
  • Mix it up – Both original and curated content is produced to educate and inform customers.
  • Know your audience – Content is created with your buyer personas in mind.
  • Measure, measure, measure – Ongoing analyses of  response to published forms an integral part of our content strategy, and allows us to adapt accordingly.