These days just about every company offers their buyers some kind of ‘customer satisfaction guarantee’. But, how does one measure this ‘customer satisfaction’, and what would it look like in the field of marketing?

20 years ago digital marketing was a linear process: If you did A and added B, you were guaranteed a result named C:

At a cost of R1 000 000 you could buy 20 seconds of airtime on SABC 1, which allowed you to run an advertisement every 6 hours, leading to an expected return of at least R10 000 000. With no DVR’s in existence, viewers were forced to sit through ad breaks, and advertisers were guaranteed a high return on investment.

Today, digital marketing is a complex system of integrated tools and processes, and predicting or measuring results is no joke! Consumer mentality has also changed: buyer behavior is less influenced by traditional advertising, due to the fact that customers have all the resources available to research the best solutions and products to solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

In this modern day consumer reality no marketing company can guarantee a marketing outcome or predict it with more than 80% accuracy.

With this in mind Web Strategy International’s customer satisfaction guarantee is not to promise our clients the moon and stars, but this:

We commit ourselves to designing and executing marketing strategies that increases your bottom line, improves on your existing Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA), Customer Lifetime Value (LTC) as well as the other elements of marketing efficiency.