Search Engine Optimization is the answer to the question: How will my website compete with millions of other websites, especially those of my competitors?

Search Engine Optimization used to focus on technical aspects of a website by tricking search engines into ranking your website first with clever redirects and keyword stuffing. However, search engines, like Google, have evolved and updated its algorithms to provide users with the most relevant information by evaluating how the user is experiencing your website.

Because search engines evolve with users, we at Webstrategy SA evolve with them to ensure that your website, and company, is accessible to both search engines and users. Better accessibility ensures that you get more visitors, and more visitors mean more business.

This is the true purpose of SEO. Driving customers to your company’s website when they search for your products or services.

A Search Engine Optimization strategy will include the following elements:

  • Keyword phrases – When your customer searches for your company’s product or service they are more likely to type in a phrase than a single keyword.
  • Landing Pages – We make sure that your customer finds the product or service they want on a single page, giving them all the information they need with a call to action.
  • One landing page = One keyword phrase – We make the user experience simple by keeping the content of a page focused on a single keyword phrase
  • Titles and Sub-titles – Users, and search engines, read the headings of a page before they read the content to see how relevant it is to what they want. Therefore we try to use keywords in headings whenever possible.
  • Internal and external linking – We create links between pages on your website and to other websites on the internet.
  • Page names – Page names that contain the key phrase indicate to users and search engines that they are in the right place for the information they’re looking for.
  • Footer links – Footer links help the user navigate through your website. Footer links also link back to the most important pages, giving them extra “link juice”.
  • Design – Though search engines don’t see the code we add to make a page unique and clean, users do, and a good design will help with navigation and user experience.

These are but a few elements we consider when doing .

It is vital to remember that users should always be the main focus of your . Because of this we encourage all our customers to make SEO a part of a larger internet marketing strategy that also includes Search Engine Marketing (paid advertising), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Blogging Strategies.